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18/12/2012 : McLaren disponible

McLaren disponible


18/12/2012 : McLaren MP4 disponible



16/12/2012 : Vidéo : McLaren on board

16/12/2012 : McLaren on board (voir aussi sur



31/10/2012 : New Build 2012 Saison 4

Voir aussi la page : Release Notes for 2012 Season 4

New Build

This build was a big one for us as some massive architectural changes were completed including allowing for 64 bit computing and touch screen capabilities as well as the foundation for what we are calling Team Racing. From a members perspective – for now -- you will notice the new spotter functionality and new radio and scanner features as the start of the overall team functionality in this build. More will continue to roll out in the future.

These large architectural changes are exciting for us long-term and set the stage for many enhancements in the future.

That said, we have not forgotten about the short term either as you can see from our release notes by clicking here. Along with the spotter functionality some of the highlights include new content including Rockingham Speedway and Oran Park. One of America’s most legendary ovals, Rockingham (aka The Rock) hosted nearly 100 NASCAR Sprint Cup races over the years, while Oran Park enjoyed a special place in the hearts Australian race fans before it was demolished to make way for a housing development. Now, Oran Park and its distinctive figure eight layout will live forever . . . thanks to iRacing.

FYI, the much anticipated Lotus 49 is close to being released but not quite ready for prime time and we will get it out as soon as it is ready. We also included our latest dose of realism - a feature that produces buildup of dirt and grime on your windshield, along with tear-offs enabling your crew to give you a clear view ahead after every pit stop. Again, see our release notes linked above for full list of updates.



31/10/2012 : Sortie des circuits Oran Park et Rockingham

Voir sur : – New Build & Two New Tracks Available

iRacing Oran Park Raceway Real vs Virtual - Mx5 Onboard


The Rock is here!




02/08/2012 : Circuit Zolder disponible

Zolder disponible

Le circuit de Zolder est disponible


Circuit Zolder :


Sur :


Le problème de Zolder : les ombres :

beaucoup trop d'ombres qui rendent certaines portions du circuit peu visibles.
Vu la taille des ombres, ils ont du prendre une position du soleil tôt le matin ou tard le soir ?
Et les couleurs "sépia" ne sont pas du meilleur effet.


D'aucuns disent que ça préfigure la future gestion dynamique de la lumière ?


Voir sur Iracing-france. com :

Voir sur le forum officiel :


Enlever les ombres :

Dans Options, onglet Graphics
- sélectionner " Shadow maps off"
- quitter la session et revenir.


Vidéos de Zolder :

iRacing: Mustang @ Circuit zolder


LMP2 - ZOLDER par AlexandreG



27/07/2012 : New Build - Saison 3 - 2012

New Build

Pas de grandes nouveautés dans cette dernière mise à jour


Voir ma page : Release Notes for 2012 Season 3


Release Notes for 2012 Season 3



14/06/2012 : Circuit de Langley disponible


Langley Speedway, one of America’s most historic short tracks, is now available for $11.95. If you pre-ordered all you have to do is download.

Langley has been a launching pad for the careers of current NASCAR stars Denny Hamlin and Elliott Sadler as well the site of past victories by the likes of Ned Jarrett, Richard Petty, David Pearson, Bobby Allison and Dale Earnhardt. 


Sur : – Langley Speedway Available






24/04/2012 : New Build - Circuit Motegi et Cadillac CTS-VR disponibles

New Build

La nouvelle Cadillac CTS-VR est disponible gratuitement.
Elle fera l'objet d'un nouveau championnat Rookie pour la saision 2


Release Notes for 2012 Season 2


Sur :


24/04/2012 : Cadillac CTS-VR

Cadillac CTS-VR

Cadillac CTS-VR


Cadillac CTS-VR


Cadillac CTS-VR sur Laguna Seca




Preview de Motegi
21/04/2012 : Previews de Motegi - Sur
sur :



Nouvelles textures sur Motegi
20/04/2012 : Nouvelles textures sur Motegi
sur :




14/02/2012 : Sortie du nouveau Daytona

Nouveau Daytona

Une nouvelle version du circuit de Daytona (après travaux)
L'ancienne version est toujours disponible.

Voir sur :


Nouveau Daytona


Nouveau Daytona




31/01/2012 : New Buid : 2012 - Saison 1

New Build

Voir ma page :
New Buid : 2012 - Saison 1


Ou voir sur le forum officiel :


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